Hey there, I'm Trevor
I create brands, design websites, & shape digital products.

After studying Graphic Design in 2022, I began working as a freelance designer. During my time in university I worked with various teams creating brand identities, designing exhibitions, and working extensively on web development; UI/UX. Currently I am working freelance on a variety of projects while I seek new opportunities to create thoughtful brand experiences.





About my work

My design work lives at the intersection of modernism & simplicity. Placing emphasis on typography, color, and motion. — My process begins by visualizing an overall narrative for the project, making it impossible to ignore. — I iterate many times and select the best elements, making sure to incorporate interaction into my designs because you feel a connection when things move as you’d expect them to.



The creative design process begins with the most important step — discovery. This stage is all about understanding the entire scope of the project and what will be needed to achieve success.

What are the challenges? What is the desired impact? How does this fit in with the other things you are doing? Is it just a logo you want, or a whole brand redesign? Maybe it's more just a website thing or perhaps some fancy new collateral?

Whatever it might be, I can help you find an effective solution. It's critical I learn about you and your ambitions to create a smooth design workflow, getting you the best results, fast. — Without all the back and forth.

Before launching full-throttle into the design, we'll identify goals, outline timeline expectations, and discuss how success will be measured.

My strategizing involves conducting research on what competitors are doing correctly — or incorrectly — and how the intended audience engages on channels like social media. Using this information, I can begin ideating solutions to the challenges identified in our discovery — making certain your project stands out from the rest.

I'll brainstorm a few loose ideas to present of how the final product might look. We'll then decide together on which concept achieves your goals most effectively.

Now comes the fun part. After visualizing an overall narrative for the project from the previous stages, I strive to make my designs impossible to ignore by experimenting — creating numerous iterations and selecting the best parts of each — to determine what conveys the message best.

I'll keep you updated throughout the entire design process. Starting with a wireframe to assure that your vision is being captured. I'll also give an update as the core components start to come together — placing emphasis on typography, color, and motion.

After the final version gets approval, the project is implemented and final files delivered.



I am a graphic designer based in Phoenix, Arizona with 5+ years of professional experience. I studied at Arizona State University where I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. Some of my design-related interests are typography, exhibition design, branding, and 3D modeling.

I've been designing my whole life. From making web advertisements at 12 years old to having my cover arts featured on Bandcamp Daily by 17, I'm always in search of opportunities to learn something new. I'm a computer geek and am intimately familiar with the hands on processes of large format printing, creating signage, cutting vinyl, screen printing, laser cutting, and 3D printing.

In my free time I make graphics for my clothing brand, which I manufacture in house. I've sold out multiple collections and was even featured in The Wire Magazine UK for my distinctive style. I love traveling and enjoy the outdoors; skating, surfing, and snowboarding.

2022 — Graphic Design Lead / Sandstorm Signs, Mesa

2021 — BSD in Graphic Design / Arizona State University

2017 — UI, UX & Art Director / Helianthus Graphics, Gilbert