Dead End: Opioid Epidemic in Arizona

Bringing awareness to the opioid epidemic is important to me because I've lost countless friends as a result of it. The reality is people don't choose to become addicted to opiates. Addiction is a disease classified in the DSM-5 that requires treatment. In the long term, the system that created the problem has to be reformed. The American medical system is a failure. We need a health care system that rewards good outcomes instead of the sales of service. Look online for resources on where you can find free naloxone to keep in your car. You could save someone's life.

Materials: plywood, tinted PVC, laser-cut acrylic & pine, vinyl, 3D-printed PLA

VCD Senior Exhibition
Project Type:
Exhibition Design
May 5, 2022



My design work lives at the intersection of modernism & simplicity. Placing emphasis on typography, color, and motion. — My process begins by visualizing an overall narrative for the project, making it impossible to ignore. — I iterate many times and grab the best parts of each iteration, making sure to incorporate interaction into my designs because you feel a connection when things move as you’d expect them to.

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